The first Journal was written and printed in the winter of 1992. Its first editors Peter Speak and Shirley Wittering had pledged to produce three Journals a year and to find interesting items about the Village and its history. Amazingly we are still finding interesting items 20 years later. Peter Speak died in July 2008 and the next editor to work with Shirley was Anthony Cooper; in 2011 his place was taken by Angela Rimmer.

John Clarke of Ryecroft Data in Fowlmere has printed all our Journals with enthusiasm and care. In 2000 we produced a millennium edition in colour and there have been colour introduced at other times; but colour costs more and as our principal is to have no advertisements the cost of the Journals is carried by the subscriptions alone.

The early editions took some digitizing as they were originally just typed and the photos and drawings scanned by Ryecroft Data. So they all had to be scanned and saved as Pdfs to enable our web master, Nicholas Wittering to put them on the Thriplow Society’s web site.

We hope you enjoy the digitized version of the Thriplow Journals, wherever you live.

Shirley Wittering and Angela Rimmer, joint editors.

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The Thriplow Journal index by volume

Volume 30-1 Spring 2021

V olume 29-2 Winter 2020

Volume 28-3 Spring 2020

Volume 28-2 Winter 2019

Volume 28-1 Summer 2019

Vol. 27-3 Spring 2019

Vol. 27.2 Winter 2018

Vol.27.1 Summer 2018

Vol. 26.3. Spring 2018

Vol 26.2. winter 2017

Vol 26.1 summer 2017