Volume 30-2 Summer 2021

The first Journal was written and printed in the winter of 1992. The first editors Peter Speak and Shirley Wittering had pledged to produce three Journals a year and to find interesting items about the village and its history. Amazingly we are still finding interesting items many years later.

John Clark of Ryecroft Data in Fowlmere printed all our journals until the end of 2018.  The millennium edition in 2000 was in colour but colour was only used on a few other occasions because it was more expensive.  Since the first issue in 2019 the journals have all been in colour and these have been printed more economically “in house” by Pat Easthope. The printing and distribution costs for the journal are covered by members subscriptions.

The early editions took some digitizing as they were originally just typed and the photos and drawings scanned by Ryecroft Data. So they all had to be scanned and saved as pdfs before they could appear on the Thriplow Society’s web site. Thanks go to member Ann Robertson for her work in making all the Journals available online.

We hope you enjoy the digitized version of the Thriplow Journals, wherever you live.

Volume 30-2 Summer 2021

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