Due to the on going COVID restrictions we will not be holding any meetings in the  Thriplow Village Hall for the foreseeable future. Subscriptions will remain at £10.

Thankyou for your continued support

The Thriplow Society Committee

The Society aims to promote interest in the local history, the environment and the conservation of Thriplow and the surrounding district.

Membership is open to all, but in order to encourage wide participation by people living in Thriplow, membership in the village is by households.

We normally hold about nine meetings or other events each year, most of the meetings being addressed by visiting speakers. Meetings are usually held on Thursday evenings in Thriplow Village Hall starting at 8pm.

The annual subscription is £10 per household. This includes 3 journals a year. Members are carrying out local research which is published in its Journal. The Journal is distributed free to members. The Society has encouraged the publication of the memories of long standing residents. The Society makes use of the Thriplow Smithy which is operated by visiting smiths for the benefit of visitors to the annual Thriplow Daffodil Weekend. The smithy is also used by the Society as the repository of local memorabilia, old tools and bygones which are on display when the smithy is open to visitors. The Society has also published a guide to the village “About Thriplow” which is sold to visitors. Contact Contact Dr Shirley Wittering via email on