Programme 2019

Meetings are held at either Fowlmere Village Hall (FVH) or Thriplow Village Hall (TVH) and commence at 7:45pm on the first Thursday of each month except January – no meeting and September – Annual Show unless otherwise advised. (Check website for Garden Soiree in Summer 2019). £2 admission for visitors at most meetings.

Date Event Location
7 February


      AGM & Group Fun Quiz   – Glen Link

After a brief look at the last Club year and the election of officers, we move swiftly on to another year, another Quiz.  Back by popular request Glen Link will be in charge of the Quiz and will provide a variety of questions on general knowledge as well as gardening know-how.  You can enjoy a glass of wine or two along with some ‘nibbles’ – a lovely evening when you have the opportunity to socialise with fellow Club members.

7 March  

    The delights & possibilities of Hyde Hall                                                            –  Robert Brett

 You may remember that snowy March day last year when the meeting was cancelled because Robert could not travel safely to Fowlmere.  Members stayed at home in the warm!  So we will try again and look forward to a talk about Robert’s achievements over the last few years as the ‘new’ Curator of Hyde Hall and his hopes and vision for the future.

4 April                                                                                              ‘Never a dull moment!’ –  Simon White

 Simon is the Garden Centre Manager at Peter Beale Roses but tonight he will talk about keeping interest in the garden throughout the year.  Naturally this will include roses but he will also give us tips on plants to use throughout all the seasons.  This talk has been very well-received by members of several local Gardening Club

2 May        Wimpole Hall – Veronica Bennett

 A welcome return by Veronica Bennett who will talk about this local National Trust property and its gardens.  Veronica is part of the National Trust Talks Service and carries out extensive research for each of her talks.  Members will remember the interesting, talk she gave a couple of years ago when we heard about the National Trust approach to all aspects of garden care from maintenance to training of its gardeners. This promises to be another good evening.

15 May  

 Club visit to Green Island & Fullers Mill                                                                                      

6 June Sunflowers in art and culture – Twigs Way                                                                                         Twigs is a well-known professional garden historian. She gives talks to all manner of organisations, each one is tailored to suit the needs of each group.  You may recall her talks about Gertrude Jekyll and also Pinks.  Tonight we will hear about the ways in which the sunflower is depicted in art and culture.  We can immediately remember Van Gogh’s painting but other artists were also inspired by the sunflower – Monet and even Gustav Klimt for instance.  Do come along to what will prove to be a most entertaining and inspiring talk, very different from the ones we usually include in our programme TVH
7 – 10 June                    

  Club tour to Dorset                                                                                        

4 July                     Linden House Soiree

Courtesy of Dr & Mrs Cox, Long Lane, Fowlmere

Tickets on sale at May and June meetings                                                                                               

1 August “The restoration of Ramsey walled garden – Jane Sills

 Ramsey’s gem of a recently restored secret garden!  Discovered by chance almost 20 years ago, the Walled Kitchen Garden is now an enchanting secret in the heart of Ramsey.  dedicated to growing fruit, vegetables and flowers with links to Cambridgeshire, this exciting restoration project is maintained by volunteers under the guidance of the Ramsey Abbey Walled Garden Trust.  Jane played a very important role in the garden’s restoration.

19     September To be arranged
3 October Conservation & Farming in Thriplow & Fowlmere – David Walston              

“I grew up in a farming family in Cambridgeshire, but for the first 26 years of my life had very little idea what happened on the farm outside the harvest months. After studying biology at university, then working as a photographer and magazine editor for the following six years, I found myself working back on the farm in 2009”. Since his student days David has immersed himself in the running of a farm and now a most knowledgeable commentator on farming affairs Do come and hear about the latest developments on our local farms.

 7 November     Gardening by the moon – Nigel Start       

Moon phase gardening is an idea as old as agriculture, popular in folklore and superstition, but there are scientific ideas to back it up. …     Just as the moon influences the rise and fall of the tides, it also has a gravitational effect on the moisture in plants (sap), the soil and water table. These effects are magnified at different times of the month’s moon cycle.  Learn more about this fascinating subject.

Nigel Start is a popular speaker who has visited us on a couple of occasions.

  5 December  “Your own Mediterranean climate”                  (Gardening under glass)  – Rodney Tibbs 

Rodney is well-known as a distinguished former feature writer and later features editor of the Cambridge Evening News, an author and broadcaster.  He is now retired from journalism and devotes more time to gardening and horticulture and is an RHS listed speaker.

Following Rodney’s talk, enjoy our splendid Christmas buffet