Village Shop Opening Hours

Due to COVID 19 the temporary opening hours are:

Mon,Tues,Thurs, Fri     7 am – 4 pm

Wednesday                      7 am – 6 pm

Saturday                           8 am – 1 pm

Sunday                              10 am – 12 noon


Attached are the guidelines and instructions for keeping safe and responding to the local test and trace model which has just come from Cambs and Peterborough Councils.






Just a quick reminder about how to get in touch if you are self isolating and need someone to go shopping for you or you have something else that you need help with.


You can e mail us on 


Or you can ring one of the below “first contact” people


Rowan Pashley 07876 260 660 Heathfield

David Schneider 07442 146 510 Heathfield

Kit and Margaret Jackson (01763) 208780 Mobile 07712811483 Thriplow

Liz Moore (01763) 208735 Mobile 07788640927 All

John Rimmer (01763) 209160 Thriplow

Gill McDonnell (01763) 208059 Thriplow

Sarah Clarkson (01763) 208841 Mobile 07540815287 Thriplow

Andrew Parsons (01763) 209070 All

Rebecca Glazier (01223) 830118 Mobile 07904934213 Heathfield

Erica Webber (01763) 208 224 Mobile 07710452 814 Thriplow

Jonathan Jack (01763) 208753 Mobile 07812322855 Thriplow


Once you have made contact we will aim to get back to you and assist within 24 hours. We have loads of willing volunteers ready and waiting to help


Village shop: If you need groceries or medicines from the village shop, just call the shop, Monday to Friday, on (01763) 208958 with your order and we will arrange for a volunteer to collect your order and deliver it to you, as long as we have what you need. We will take the bill off your Prepay account – if you haven’t got one yet, you need to get one now.


Keep safe, keep two metres apart and keep in touch!