1st February 2018 – AGM & Group Fun Quiz – Glen Link

 The evening of the Club’s AGM was one of those nights when you just didn’t want to leave your own home – the cold and the rain were just too much to face and unfortunately many did just that and we had a much smaller meeting than usual.  This did not worry us – the interesting reports of the past year started what proved to be a most entertaining evening.  As Chair I am pleased to say that I can keep that title for another year and am joined on the 2018 Committee by Ken Allsworth, Jenny Brew, Margaret Jackson,  Bernard Meggitt, Judy Murch, Sue Pinner, Michael Pollard, Joan Smith and Jill Vinton – splendid colleagues, one and all.  Of course there are so many others who have helped and con-tinue to offer their support – I am thinking in particular of Marion Hughes and Veronica Wolfe as well as Robin Cox and Barry Jones who sadly stepped down from the Commit-tee this year.
One person that I cannot omit from this hall of fame is Glen Link who is not only the brains behind the Annual Show Day but also devises our annual quiz.  This year we tackled questions on general knowledge, wildlife anagrams as well as a testing round of plant identification – could you have recognised a sarcococca?  Well we did and I was lucky enough to be on the winning team along with Gill Perry, Chris Stanton, Doug Radford and Peter Duff (who?)  We were very pleased with our prizes of beautifully wrapped bags of Ferrero Roche chocolates.
So now we start another Club year – have a look at the Club’s website: thriplow.org.uk/gardening-club to see our programme planned for 2018.  Our first meeting will be very special – it took more than a year to persuade the Curator of Hyde Hall to find a date to come and talk to the Club – don’t miss Robert Brett – here at Fowlmere Village Hall on Thursday 1 March We also hope to arrange another weekend break  – check ‘Active Items’ on website for more details.
Mary Duff Chair, F &T Gardening Club.
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