15 September 2018 – Annual Flower, Craft & Produce Show – F&T Gardening Club – Fowlmere Village Hall

Well, you missed a treat if you did not come to the Gardening Club’s Annual Show held at Fowlmere Village Hall.  This in one of not very many events which brings together the residents of both of our lovely villages.   Despite the idiosyncratic weather of this summer, gardeners produced a splendid collection of flowers, fruit and vegetables.  You would have been inspired by the many examples of different crafts and home produce.  The usual auction at the end of the proceedings would have given you the opportunity to buy some of the items on show.  The home-made cakes accompanying welcome cups of tea were enjoyed by all.  The only sad point to make was the lack of children’s entries despite publicity in the newsletters of both schools – an opportunity missed to show the next generation the delights of horticultural endeavour!  But the entries which did make it to the village hall were of a very high standard so Maddie Gilliam must be very proud of winning the Fry Cup for the best exhibit in the Children’s Section with her Miniature Garden.

We welcomed Andrew Newby, Managing Director of KWS to present the Awards this year.  Two names stood out in the list of worthy winners – Sue Pinner and David Warboys,  Sue was awarded the Farley Cup for the most outstanding exhibit in the horticultural classes with her exquisite tomatoes.  She also shared the Chambers Cup for flowers and the Fowlmere Cup for winning most points in the Show.  David Warboys, another loyal member, won the most prestigious RHS Banksian Medal  for winning the most money, the Club Vase for being runner-up for most points in the Show and lastly, the Fison Tankard for his vegetables! However Robin Dring’s arrangement of vegetables won him the Chambers Shield.

Judy Murch excelled with her fruit winning the Van der Straeten Bowl.  Michael Pollard was awarded the Webster Cup for the umpteenth time!  (This for the special section for members only).  Glen Link’s collection of Floral Art exhibits won her the Thriplow Cup whilst Jenny Brew walked off with the Earnshaw Cup for pot plants.  Chris Harley provided some inspirational pieces of needlecraft and it was not surprising that she won the Talbot Trophy for most points in the  Handicrafts Section and also the Shuster Cup for the most outstanding exhibit.  Not only can Rosemary Jones cook a high standard – taking  home the Cranwell Cup for Home Produce but she can also grow specimen roses winning the Green Cup!

Sadly your worthy author could only win half a trophy for Photography sharing this honour with Shirley Wittering! (However, looking on the bright side, I can’t think of a nicer partner!) but I’ll try harder next time – if there is a next time…………..  we would love to welcome new younger members to ensure that the Annual Show and indeed the Club itself will be here for many years to come……………………

Mary Duff – Chair Fowlmere & Thriplow Gardening Club

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