September 2015 – Annual Crafts, Flowers and Produce Show – FVH

After several days of heavy rain, gardeners in Fowlmere and Thriplow were anxious that there would be a dearth of flowers, fruits and vegetables to display at their Garden Club’s Annual Show held on Saturday 19 September. However, they managed to produce a wide variety of high quality exhibits that impressed and ‘wowed’ judges and visitors alike. The long tables in Fowlmere Village Hall were bright with colourful displays of lovely flowers and foliage. There were amazing and abundant fruits and vegetables. The jars of jams, jellies and chutneys looked mouth-watering. Delectable cakes and scones sat waiting to be judged. The men had cleverly made and decorated cupcakes. Talented hands had knitted, sewed, embroidered and painted. Clever photographers had taken eye-catching shots and were keen to compete for the new Photograph Trophy to be awarded for the first time. There were several classes especially for children’s exhibits. The animals they made from fruits and vegetables demonstrated great inventiveness, imagination ands sense of fun. They also made miniature gardens, book marks and biscuits, as well as flower arrangements. What talent!

The judges had a hard job carefully considering each entry in the different sections of the Show. Prizes were awarded and points amassed.

During the afternoon Christopher South, the well-known writer and broadcaster from BBC Radio Cambridgeshire joined club members and visitors to admire the superb displays of flowers, fruits and vegetables and marvel at a perfect, pure white dahlia judged the best exhibit in the Show. They saw the longest bean, the funniest fruit animal, the largest pot plant, the prettiest painting and the tastiest shortbread! After viewing they were rewarded with tea and a slice – or two – of cake.

Then came the presentation of the awards! Mary Duff, Club Chairman, thanked all those involved in putting on such a successful Show – especially Sue Pinner – Show Group Co-ordinator. She then introduced Christopher South who said how impressed he was with all the exhibits he had seen. His favourite was a most beautifully scented rose exhibited by Peter Lake. The Royal Horticultural Society Banksian medal – the highest award in the Show – was won by David Warboys. Other winners included Joan Smith, Chris Harley, Sue Pinner, Mary Duff, Ken Allsworth, Katherine Martin and James Roskilly. The prize for best exhibit in the whole Show was won by Joy Warboys.

The day ended with a lively auction of jams and cakes, flowers and other garden produce, followed by the raffle results. It was a happy and enjoyable day for all concerned.

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