17 September – 2016 Annual Flower, Craft and Produce Show Fowlmere and Thriplow Gardening Club have done it again!

Visitors attending the Club’s Annual Show in Fowlmere Village Hall on Saturday 17 September, were ‘wowed’ by the bright and colourful displays of lovely flowers and foliage. There were amazing and abundant fruits and vegetables, mouth-watering cakes and jams, and a fantastic variety of handicrafts. There were several classes especially for children’s exhibits including miniature gardens, imaginative animals made from vegetables and fruits, and tasty biscuits. The judges had a hard job choosing the winning exhibits in each section!

Mary Duff – Club Chairman – thanked the organising group – led by Sue Pinner – for putting on another successful Show. She then introduced Rev Angela Melaniphy – Rector of Fowlmere and Thriplow churches – who presented the awards. She congratulated all the exhibitors on the high standard and variety of their exhibits.

The highest award in the Show – the Royal Horticultural Society Banksian medal – was won by Jane Dring. Other winners included Barry Jones, Joan Smith, David Warboys, Sue Pinner, Michael Pollard, Jo Fisher, Jenny Brew, Shirley Wittering and Jessica Collings.

The day ended with a lively auction of jams and cakes, flowers and fruit, and other garden produce, followed by the raffle results.

An enjoyable and happy day for all concerned!

Sue Pinner – Show Group Co-ordinator

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